Architect Leads Team To Power Puerto Rico With Solar Power, Post-Maria

Oct 26, 2017

This unprecedented installation of solar-powered generators and batteries aims to kick-start the island’s recovery and resilience efforts

Caño Martin Peña, Loiza, Humacao: these are the proving grounds for a recent effort to bring solar power to Puerto Rico, which could revolutionize post-disaster resilience in the long term. It will certainly help the hurricane-ravaged island in the near term, thanks to Resilient Power Puerto Rico and cofounder Jonathan Marvel, FAIA. Marvel, inspired by his architect father Thomas while growing up in San Juan, founded Marvel Architects more than 30 years ago. His firm’s goal, to expand the “economic and creative opportunities for a range of clients” through design, is certainly aligned with the task ahead: to provide Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities with avenues to electricity beyond reliance on fossil fuels.

Architect leads team to power Puerto Rico, post-Maria
by Steve Cimino