Inside Third+Bond

Sep 25, 2013

Third+Bond is a residential development in the Gowanus/Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn that was chronicled on Brownstoner for almost five years. Our client, the Hudson Companies, wrote 153 posts over 204 weeks covering the development of Third+Bond from beginning to end. Now, that entire collection has been published in a book (Inside Third+Bond). It was a gutsy move on the part of the Hudson Companies to reveal the development process step by step and endure the inevitable comments in real time. And many of those comments are included in the book: good, bad and ugly. We are especially appreciative of the interview with Jonathan Marvel, of course. And the contents page is helpfully color-coded by subject tags (construction, design, sales, etc.). But what’s most interesting about the book is that the blog posts started during the tail end of the real estate boom and the condos went on the market during the biggest real estate bust since the Great Depression. Reading some of these posts in the context of a recovered real estate market is almost spooky. At the end of the book, included is Frank Lloyd Wright’s response when he was asked to name his favorite project: “The next one.” Indeed!

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Third and Bond - Brooklyn, NY

Third and Bond – Brooklyn, NY