Marvel designs nation’s first LGBT housing developments

Jul 7, 2016


“LGBT older people face a housing crisis. These groundbreaking developments are an important step toward combating that crisis in New York City by providing not only affordable and welcoming housing but also on-site services pioneered through SAGE’s network of LGBT senior centers”
Real Estate Weekly

“A new initiative to build affordable housing that is friendly for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seniors is beginning to take shape.”
The Wall Street Journal
NYC Housing Ventures to Set Out a Welcome Mat for LGBT Seniors
Apartment buildings in Brooklyn and the Bronx to offer affordable housing and programming for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender seniors
by Hannah Furfaro

“The initiative is being launched to provide assistance to a community that continues to struggle with discrimination.”
NY Curbed
Two Senior Affordable Housing Developments Embrace LGBT-Friendly Programming
The developments in Brooklyn and the Bronx will offer specific programs for LGBT seniors
by Ameena Walker

The New York Times
500 Affordable Units to Rise on Housing Authority Land in Bronx and Brooklyn
by Mireya Navarro