New Rochelle Waterfront District Community Meeting | Pratt Landing

Sep 13, 2017

Thanks to the many people who joined us this past Wednesday night for our first Waterfront District workshop and to the many others who have participated in the online survey. Below is a brief recap:

  • Twining Properties gave an overview of the planning process
  • Marvel Architects presented some examples of other successful industrial waterfront revitalizations to help the group understand new possibilities for the waterfront.
  • Attendees broke up into 7 study groups to discuss their ideas over maps of the District and idea cards. The workshop format led to some high energy discussions and great ideas.
  • Two members from each table presented their group’s goals, ideas and aspirations for the Waterfront District. We heard about whether to have shops, offices, hotel or residences in the District, what to do with the Armory and specifically what people would like to see along the water’s edge. The presentation included many great ideas. A special thanks to the highly engaged and thoughtful teams who made these workshops a success.

Read More Here on the New Rochelle Waterfront District website