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Governors Island Park and Public Space Master Plan

New York, NY

In 2008 our team was chosen as winner of the international design competition for Governors Island’s Park and Public Space Master Plan. The island, once languishing in relative isolation, will become an exploration in recreating paradise. A combination of natural and created landscapes will create an unimaginably diverse visual experience along the Hudson shoreline. The Vertical Landscape, developed in part from a distortion of the city grid, will be built from recycled materials taken from the island itself. Dredged-up earth from the marshes and portions of the eroding buildings will form new hills that house programs and provide panoramic views. Steeped in the natural and cultural history of the New York Harbor, Governors Island will re-emerge as the next great World Park and will be a global exemplar of sustainability, a beacon for the harbor, and an icon for the city.

AIA NYC Honor Award, ASLA NY Award of Merit
Associated Architect with the West 8 Team