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Liberty Harbor Streetscapes and Public Space Masterplan

Jersey City, NJ

We developed a master plan for the streetscapes, public spaces and waterfronts within the development of Liberty Harbor North. Liberty Harbor North is a mixed-use development consisting of condos, townhouses, rental residences, retail and public spaces. The master plan successfully analyzed and developed design direction for the following:

Streetscapes and Public Routes: Street hierarchies such as Drives, Boulevards, Avenues, Streets, Alleyways, Mews and other special conditions were articulated through the organization and design of street trees and plantings, site elements, paving, and surface materials. Areas for select traffic calming measures were also be identified.

Light rail: The passage of the light rail link was studied in concert with surrounding developments to identify public space and unique streetscape opportunities.

Pedestrian Routes: Designated pedestrian routes were designed throughout the site, along with connections to adjacent (off-site) pathways, esplanades, public spaces and/ or amenities. Traffic calming measures were be linked to the planning of pedestrian routes.

Public Spaces: Schematic designs were developed for the two public parks within the development, the Central Square and the Canal Drive Park and Plaza. These designs coordinated with streetscape plans and were developed to compliment surrounding future uses based on zoning requirements and Owner input.

Public Space frontage recommendations: Recommendations for select frontage guidelines were developed to better coordinate the work of future architects with the public space design concepts.

Waterfront esplanade and landscape: Schematic design was developed for the length of the waterfront from Jersey Avenue – First Street to, and including, Tidewater Basin.