Pierhouse and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, NY

The Pierhouse and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge development includes a 194-room hotel and 106-unit condo residence in Brooklyn Heights. Our design innovation allows for every residence to experience unparalleled views of the New York harbor and the park. The complex features green roofs, a variety of pathways to access the park and a newly activated Furman Street.

“[The Pierhouse and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge] building echoes the park’s simplified use of stone and steel. It steps down to meet the green lawns with planted roofs. Pedestrian pathways through the structure ensure it will not be a barrier to public access, and the line between the park and the building’s private spaces is a berm rather than a wall. Because the park came first, the architects let the park lead, making their building more parklike, letting architecture defer to landscape. Because the park came first, there was no question that Pier One was public, that the hotel guests and apartment owners would have to share, and that the building could serve as an improved link between the still-industrial Furman Street and the open space.”–Alexandra Lange, The New Yorker, September 19, 2012

photos © David Sundberg/ESTO and Mark Wickens
Landscape by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
1 Hotel interiors by INC Architecture & Design

video by Nova Concepts

The development is projected to achieve LEED Silver Certification.