The Bosworth Building, Brooklyn

Saint Ann’s School

Brooklyn, NY

Faced with an expanding curriculum and a student population and that has outgrown its collaborative study and performance spaces, Saint Ann’s School has tasked Marvel Architects to find a programming and planning solution for their Brooklyn campus. In its 50 years of service, investment in the School’s renowned faculty and program development has been prioritized over the physical environment. Working with an academic scheduling consultant, we are designing a plan for phased expansion that addresses the need for right-sized learning spaces while creating communal spaces and amenities desired by the school community. Our efforts focus on the 100-year-old Bosworth Building- a former athletic clubhouse and the symbolic heart of the campus- and two nineteenth century brownstones. Guiding our work is the preservation of a pedagogy founded in and focused on the performing and visual arts, and an extraordinarily broad and deep curriculum, unique amongst secondary schools.