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Third and Bond

Brooklyn, NY

This 44-unit multifamily residential project in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn appropriates the townhouse scale of the neighborhood as it transitions to the Gowanus Canal area. Our design reinforced the multiple connections between the person and the place in these buildings. At the community scale, this street wall and corner condition becomes a threshold from this complex of apartments to the neighborhood. At the family scale, each floor is a home, and each floor is distinguishable on the fa├žade. At the individual scale, the units are comfortably ranged from studio apartments to four bedroom units. This array of options is disguised behind a seemingly repetitive overall intent. Natural light is achieved by opening up the exterior wall with large windows and skylights. The interiors are crafted to feel as though they were specifically built for each family. All the cabinets, the custom radiator covers, and the stone countertops, are locally made by Brooklyn based fabricators, helping it to become the first mid-rise luxury residential building in Brooklyn to reach LEED Platinum certification. Prefabricated interior walls were easily erected by crane to help lower the costs and speed up the construction schedule.

Certified LEED Platinum, Building Brooklyn Award for Residential Low Rise Housing