Lyric Theatre

Designed in collaboration with Tony Award-winning set designer Christine Jones and Brett K. Banakis specifically for the production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The top-to-bottom renovation of the theater auditorium of this landmark venue included the addition of new structural columns, decking, boxes, ceilings, partitions, a balcony, lighting, and seating.

Theater Auditorium
Custom Wallpaper
Custom carpet, prefabricated GFRG finishes, and fixtures.
Custom Fixtures
As Marvel’s collaboration included the set design team for the show, the result was a true bespoke environment that makes for a memorably immersive theatrical experience.
Custom Fixures
Lyric Theater Marquee Photography | Jenny Anderson
The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child marquee at the Lyric Theatre (214 West 43rd Street,NYC), designed by the production’s Set Designer Christine Jones and International Scenic Supervisor Brett J. Banakis.
Manhattan, New York
Ambassador Theatre Group and New York City Economic Development Corporation
Museums, Exhibits and Cultural, Theater
Design Team
Jonathan Marvel, Lissa So, Erik Chu, Martha Bush, Patrick Hamon, Makenzie Leukart
Charcoalblue (Theatre and Acoustic Consultant); Christine Jones and Brett Banakis (Production Set Designer Consultants); Thomas Polise (Engineer - MEP); McClaren (Engineer - Structural); Focus (Lighting Designer); Yorke (General Contractor)
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