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Achievement First Endeavor Charter School

Brooklyn, NY

Our work for Civic Builders, a non-profit school facilities developer, began with a detailed feasibility assessment for a specific site in Brooklyn. We developed test fits grounded in the educational philosophy of this K-8 charter school, with a critical emphasis on parental involvement and community relationships. Complex existing conditions called for an exploration of differing approaches to site use and the renovation and creative reuse of existing structures. The end result was a demolition and rebuilding of part of the site as a multi-purpose gymnasium, and an addition to the remainder of the historic building that included a new circulation tower and offices, with a playspace on the roof. The existing building required extensive renovation and programming plans, including a flexible cafeteria and circulation. The existing structure has been transformed into a new community landmark.

photography © Danny Bright, Peter Mauss/Esto, Albert Vecerka/Esto