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Gallaudet University International Design Competition Finalist

Washington, D.C.

Gallaudet University is the nation’s leading institution of higher learning for the deaf and hard of hearing. Its campus—a historic treasure—is celebrated as a unique space where American Sign Language unites the community as a common first language.
Marvel Architects proposal, Active Edge, conveys Gallaudet’s identity and shelters its core by creating an active space that is embraced by the Gallaudet community. To build this active edge, we draw on DeafSpace principles and observation of the campus to create that support for the deaf community and give it a favored vantage point over its surroundings.
The Exemplar Building announces Gallaudet to the neighborhood and brings the campus’s physical identity as a green oasis together with its academic pursuit of innovation. The building anchors one end of the Active Edge.
The Tapscott Plaza Gateway anchors the other edge. Serpentine Benches that extend from the gate provide a meeting place for the Gallaudet community – a place where deaf and hearing can interact and come to appreciate their different sensory worlds. More than most Universities, Gallaudet is represented by its people: Tapscott Plaza is the visitor’s first direct contact with the Gallaudet community.

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