• Gansevoort Streetscapes Marvel Architects

Gansevoort Streetscapes

New York, NY

To transform the core of New York’s hip Meat Packing district from temporary interventions to a permanent design, Marvel Architects is redesigning one of the city’s pop-up plazas as well as the cobblestone pedestrian zone. While the project area has two distinct lives during the day and the night, they share one key issue: mobility. Attention to safe and comfortable pedestrian and bicycle circulation while maintaining the busy southern flowing vehicular traffic is a central focus of this project, particularly at the epicenter where Ninth Avenue and 14th Street meet.

The district will be announced at the 16th street threshold, whether by subtle with unique streetscape treatments in paving, lighting, signage and planting, or more significantly visible elements like bleacher seating in the Greenwich and Gansevoort triangle. Throughout the area, a cohesive set of design elements will celebrate the old and new character unique to the district, with rugged materials, soft, colorful, playful lighting, and modern wayfinding. Street furniture will be designed for multiple purposes – seating as lighting for example. Places to sit, rest and watch the New York life speed will be concentrated in areas that can be transformed with events programming as sources of revenue to help maintain the public spaces. Making permanent the temporary plaza will greatly contribute to the image of the district as a vibrant, cultural and hard-working corner of the city.