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New York Stock Exchange – Financial District Streetscapes and Security

New York, NY

The streetscapes of New York City’s financial district have been an evolving part of the city for the past four centuries. This project recognized the need to address new security requirements as yet another layer in the complex, pedestrian oriented, public realm. The project provides security and streetscape enhancements for the New York Financial District, including the New York Stock Exchange. We reconceived¬† the security requirements outlined by the NYPD Counterterrorism Division as an opportunity to enhance the public space around one of America’s most iconic buildings. The approach resolves the contradictions of enabling a vibrant streetscape while providing cutting-edge security in one of New York’s densest urban conditions. Innovative security designs include sculptural bronze NOGO barriers that simultaneously replace bollards and provide attractive seating, and a new shallow-foundation TURNTABLE barrier that replaces intrusive clamshell barriers and reopens key view corridors. Built upon a thorough evaluation of the problem and careful coordination with many stakeholders, city agencies, and law enforcement officials, the comprehensive strategy knits cultural, historical and financial landmarks into the security plan.

AIA National Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design
AIA NY State Special Jury Commendation
AIA NY Chapter Project Merit Award
AIA NYC/Boston Society of Architects Urban Design Awards
R & D Award Citation
MoMA Safe, Design Takes on Risk Exhibition
with Quennell Rothschild and Partners
photography © Paul Warchol