Building 77

Building 77 is a 1 million square foot building constructed in 1942 and facing onto Flushing Avenue.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation selected Marvel Architects to envision a new entrance to the repurposed building and the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a whole. Inside, a central corridor extends from the street to the campus, lined with the retail face of food producers as well as connecting the building lobby and elevator core serving 3,000 new employees on the floors above.

During World War II U.S. Naval Officers coordinating operations for the North American Fleet. Before halting operations in the late 1960’s, Building 77 served as a storage warehouse for the Navy.
The south building entrance is placed near the intersection with Vanderbilt Avenue and the 1801 fence line is folded back to the face of the building, creating a public plaza. A long, through-building corridor follows the line of the historic gantry that originally loaded railroad cars. New openings through the facade creates an exterior loggia facing the street. Vertical circulation connecting directly to the Gantry Corridor allows direct connection to the roof top and other tenant spaces.
Building 77
The new pedestrian entrance and plaza lead into the Navy Yard campus, facilitating interaction between the public and building tenants. It also provides access to the building’s new and much needed amenities, including spaces for food businesses with both onsite production and retail needs. From the ground floor, visitors can access the rooftop restaurant directly via an express elevator, or keyed access to special events on other floors.©Daniel Byrne
The central corridor is set along one of the two historical gantry-ways. This splits the ground floor asymmetrically, creating food-production spaces that vary in size and allows tenants to fill into a space that matches their scale of production.
Ground Floor Gantry Corridor
Existing Conditions: 2015
Entrance Desk
The gantry corridor provides a space of meeting for production and retail, tenants and the public. Full height storefront space separates the production areas from the corridor, giving visitors a full view into the production process. ©Daniel Byrne
Large openings were cut into the existing 10” thick concrete façade to create an entrance and covered loggia facing the street to bring in light, air and public access. ©Daniel Byrne
View looking into ongoing work at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as seen from the North side of the building. ©Daniel Byrne
Events in the Gantry Corridor
The Gantry Corridor is used in a variety of ways from every day traffic to special events. Beaux Arts Ball 2018, photo ©Nick Anderson
Beaux Arts Ball 2018
Beaux Arts Ball 2018, photo ©Nick Anderson
Main Entrance to Building 77
©Daniel Byrne
Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation
Commercial, Workspace
966,228 SF
Design Team
Jonathan Marvel, Scott Demel, David Jakowski, Andres Loewy, Siyuan Ye, Andy Lin, Michael Stewart, Paul Chan, Carol Nung, Carly Berger, Makenzie Leukart, See Jia Ho
Beyer Blinder Belle Core & Shell Architects, Silman Associates Structural Engineer, JFK&M Consulting Group, Energy Squared Food Tenant, Jeanne Giordano Ltd Retail Planning, Market Ventures Food Market Consultant, Lighting Workshop Lighting Design, Langan Civil Engineer, Faithful + Gould Cost Estimating, Expeditor JAM Consulting, Eremos Acoustics, DVS Security Consulting & Engineering Security, Sterling Project Management
AIA Brooklyn-Queens Design Merit Award, ULI Award: Excellence in Development, Building Brooklyn Awards: Economic Impact
Photography Credits
©Daniel Byrne, ©Josh Simpson, ©Marvel Architects
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